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TJ2688F6 Dental Treatment Unit

Technical parameters
Voltage: 110v 60hz or 220v 50hz
Air pressure: >0.55mpa
Water pressure: 0.2mpa-0.4mpa
Lowest position of chair: 440mm
Highest position of chair: 860mm
Minimum angel of backrest: 5°
Maximum angel of backrest: 85°
Packing size: 146x112x105cm
Gross weight: 300kg
Net weight: 280kg

Standard configuration

Top-mounted instrument tray(bottom-mounted instrument tray is optional)
Inside the instrument tray, all the pipelines adopt acid and alkali resistant water pipes and air pipes, of which the normal service life reaches up to three years.
The instrument tray can satisfy the dentist's various surgical needs with five fixed instrument holders on it.
Its handpiece rack is designed with a balanced sense, height and inclination suitable to place instruments, in order that the dentist can replace tools conveniently during dental surgery.
It is designed with the area of 40×70mm, in order to facilitate the dentist with enough room to place surgical supplies and tools.

Chair for the dentist (1 set)
The surface material of the dentist's chair is leather , in case the dentist slides down during operation. It can rotate 360 degrees, which is convenient for the dentist to take instruments or clean tools. With five stable casters and backrests , it can ensure the dentist hold upright in the treatment process.

Adjustable pillow
The adjustable pillow makes it easier for patients to move their head
Realize ergonomic design in order to keep the patients comfortable during the treatment process.

Automatic thermostatic water supply system
The system ensures the patients to receive more comfortable treatment and not to be stimulated by cold water.

Handpiece tubing with standard fittings (3 sets)
It is used to place the spare handpiece during operation, in case the handpiece would be arbitrarily placed on table and get polluted.

Multi-function foot switch (1 set)
The dentist can adjust the patient' chair by the foot switch, while his hand is free. In this way, he can focus more on the treatment.
The multi-function foot switch can not only control the lift of the chair and the position of backrest, but also the flush of the spittoon and the water outflow of the rinsing mug.
Moreover, it is more hygienic to prevent the dentist from touching the button.

Three way syringe (one for hot water, one for cold water)
The three way syringe adopts stainless steel detachable nozzle that is disinfected by high temperature and high pressure, in which the water can also be filtered to guarantee safety and no pollution.

Water suction and saliva ejector(a strong one, a weak one)
The water suction and saliva ejector has two types, a strong one and a weak one. They will be used according to different conditions, which can get rid of the saliva produced by the patient in the treatment and make it convenient for subsequent operation.
It weights less than 200g, light and portable.

Ceramic spittoon
The ceramic spittoon made of ceramic material, has smooth surface and is easy to clean. It can quickly remove blood and oil stains as well as disinfect.
In addition, it can rotate 180°, easy for the patient to use directly in the chair without sitting up, as well as for the dentist to clean the instruments in time.

Built-in water purified system with bottle
High temperature disinfection, safe and sterile.

Strong and weak dual-purpose LED cold lamp
The strong and weak dual-purpose LED cold lamp has two levels of lights to adapt to different treatment environment, and the lamp produces less heat but has wide range of lighting. The whole dental treatment unit could be lightened.

Low-tension X-film viewer (1 set)
Operate at the voltage of 24V, and it adopts energy-saving LED light source. Therefore, it has a long service life.

Optional configuration

Bottom-mounted instrument tray (1 set)
The dentist can choose top-mounted or bottom-mounted instrument tray to operate with based on their own operation habits.

High-speed air driven handpieces (2 sets)
The handpiece is easy to hold since its body adopts humanized grip design, and its surface has excellent corrosion resistance property.
Stable operation, high-speed rotation without vibration.

Low speed air motor handpiece (1 set)

Made of stainless steel, easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Fiber optic high speed turbine handpiece (2 sets)
The fiber optic high speed turbine handpiece is designed with water spray, in order to reduce the high temperature generated in the treatment process and achieve cooling timely. In this way the work efficiency is improved.
It will not be deformed due to high temperature or high pressure.
Stable body and low noise.

Built-in LED curing light (1 set)
The LED curing light is a dental device for repairing teeth, which can be used to fill the tooth cavity or bond the alveolus.

Built-in ultrasonic scaler (1 set)
The ultrasonic scaler can not only eliminate such dirt as plaque, tartar and stains on the tooth surface to make teeth white, but also effectively prevent such oral diseases as bad breath, root bleeding, periodontal disease and dental caries from occurring.
Furthermore, the built-in design makes sure the instrument will not be contaminated.

Endoscope equipment (1 set)
The endoscope equipment is used to help the patients understand their own conditions and treatment effect, facilitating them to communicate with the dentist.

Dental vacuum pump (1 set)
The dental vacuum pump is made of aluminum alloy in order to reduce its weight. We offer the vacuum pump adapting to one to eight dental chairs.

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