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Dental Treatment Unit

Foshan Tuojian Stomatological Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., adopting high quality raw materials and spare parts combined with humanization design, has developed different types of dental treatment units that can be used in hospitals and dental clinics of different levels.

Advantages of Tuojian dental treatment unit

Raw material
The chair frame of dental treatment unit is made of high density steel material. Adopting the robot arm in place of manpower, achieves zero error of each component of the frame. Our company has independently developed the shell of the dental chair, using advanced injection molding technology, the shell error is almost zero.
Our dental treatment unit has excellent performance, with its cushion made of elastic polyurethane sponge, air pipe imported from America, and lift motor using advanced mute motor from Taiwan,

There are a total 8 types of the dental treatment unit, each of them has different structural design and each dental chair can bear 300KG weight. All our dental treatment units are equipped with a ceramic or glass spittoon that is rotatable. The instrument tray of each dental unit can be top-mounted or bottom-mounted.

Aesthetics design
The dental treatment unit realizes ergonomic design, in order to make it more comfortable for the patients to lie on the chair. The dental chair adopts linkage lifting mode, so that the cushion moves as the backrest lifts.

For patients who have gotten treatment, they can easily use disinfection and cleaning reagent to kill oral bacteria and reduce unnecessary side effects after surgery.
After finishing the surgery, the dentist can easily remove all the surgical tools on the dental chair and clean them one by one. In this way, sterilization is achieved and the risk of bacterial infection can also be reduced.

For the dentist
The design of the treatment table for dental chair is based on many dentists' surgical habits, which achieves most humanized and convenient angle and position for dentists to operate with. In addition, the hose is long enough to satisfy various surgical needs of the dentists, which ensure they stay relax and comfortable during the surgery.

For the patient
On the left of the chair, there is a rotatable spittoon, convenient for the patients to clean their mouth after surgery. Equipped with safety unit, in case of accidental movement of the dental chair causes unnecessary accidents. The pillow with multi-angle adjustment can be adapted to different patients, in order to achieve comfortable treatment.

Why should you choose us
Our company, established in 2001, has 16 years of production experience, and our products have been sold to all over the world. With the feedback of customers around the world, our engineers keep improving the products. Eventually, we realized humanized design, both convenient for the dentist to operate with and making the patients receive comfortable treatment.

With the improvement of technology, our company at present can produced an average of 20 sets of dental treatment unit a day. The speed of packing and delivery is fast, and an average of 20 feet container order(20 machines) can be loaded into the container in a week.