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Common Dental Equipment

    1. Dental Centrifugal Alginate Mixer
    2. Dental Centrifugal Alginate Mixer Streamlined shape, perfect design, smart construction
      Electric lock and motor brake gear ensure operational security
      High-power and high-speed motor, precise viscosity and complete mixture
      Easy to operate, harmonious, no bubbles
    1. Electronic Apex Locator
    2. Electronic Apex LocatorRoot canal apex finder and pulp vital measurement
      Wide color LCD screen, easy operation and friendly interface
      Multi-frequency design, exact and accurate
      Accurate current-stabilized generation technology, exact result of pulp vitality testing
    1. B Wireless Dental Curing Light
    2. B Wireless Dental Curing Light High capacity battery. A full charge can be continuously used for more than 500 times under10s working time mode.
      Constant lightness. The curing effect is not affected by the consumption of surplus power.
    1. D Wireless Dental Curing Light
    2. D Wireless Dental Curing Light Three working modes: full, ramping, pulse.
      A full charge can be used for over 400 times.(10s/time)
      Wired or wireless. It can run directly on commercial power supply while the battery runs out.
    1. Dental Handpiece Maintenance Unit
    2. Dental Handpiece Maintenance UnitVoltage: 220V 110V

      Air pressure: 4kg/cm²-8kg/cm²
      Working pressure: 2.5kg/cm²
      Tank Capacity: 3100ml
    1. Medical LED Headlight
    2. Medical LED Headlight Light Source. Our LED lamp does not generate the heat of traditional halogen lamps. With a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, this lamp supplies bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion.
    1. Dental Micro Motor
    2. Dental Micro Motor Less-vibration standard carbon brush motor
      Non stage speed system
      Right/left turing ability
      On/off switch